Borax Detergent Booster | Slime Activator

Borax Detergent Booster | Slime Activator

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Borax Slime Activator

Borax can be found on the detergent aisle or ordering from Amazon. It is a really simple activator.

In order to use borax as an activator, you need to slowly mix the borax mixture into the glue/water mixture while making slime.  We normally like to to mix in 1 tablespoon of this solution at a time until the slime is the consistency that you would like.

As the slime starts to activate, add less of the borax mixture. Sometimes, you have to work with it to get the desired consistency.

Borax Slime is a very simple DIY and great for beginners just learning to make slime. It only requires a few simple ingredients and is so easy and fun!

Informational Credit: One Crazy Mom Website