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Empty Bottle w/caps 20ml

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Comes with white ribbed cap.

You are purchasing bottles and tops. Bottle can actually hold pre-mixed mica in glycerin up to 1 oz. Depending on the liquid/contents you place in bottle, you can get anywhere from .6 oz to 1 oz of liquids. These will come packaged in a poly bag.

This cylinder is made of PET plastic.

Cylinder Height: 2.25". A set includes one top and one cylinder. Holds 20 ml or 0.68 oz. Country Of Origin: United States Sturdy clear plastic bottle with white fine ribbed top that includes a foam liner. Top has a 22/400 finish. Recycle Number: 1 Circumference: 3.5" Total Height: 2 3/8"

Common Uses: Sample size. Single-use size. Milk Bath. Powder Face Mask. Bath Salts.