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Foaming Bath Whip Base 2 oz / 4 oz

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Depending on availability, this item will be packaged in a jar or stand up pouch.

Best foaming bath base. Leaves a clean soft and moisturized feel to skin. Bright white color no odor and easy to use! Paraben free! PH: 6-6.5. Max Fragrance: 3% Max Essential oils: 1% Directions: Thoroughly mix contents before removing desired amount for recipe. If foam whip is hard to scoop, place entire closed bucket into hot water to soften. Place desired amount in a bowl.

Add 3% fragrance and water based color or mica as desired. Whip with hand mixer for a 3-5 minutes. Package and label as desired. Exfoliating Scrub: Add 25-50 % Salt or Sugar. Use large crystal salt or raw brown sugar.

Overtime, fine crystals tend to dissolve in base. Layered Parfaits: Divide base into two portions and color two different colors. Layer in a clear jar and package. Bath Frosting: Link for recipe:

http://www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com/RecipeDetail.aspx?RecipeID=203 Shaving Cream: Whip with hand mixer. Add color and fragrance. C