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Mica, Ruby Red Slippers

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Ruby Red Slippers Mica: This stunning mica is a deep burgundy red with plenty of shimmer. It looks fantastic in lipstick, melt and pour, or just a touch in a blush recipe.

Soap Safe: Yes (NOT recommended for CP)
Eye Safe: Yes
Lip Safe: Yes
For External Use Only: No

Notes: This mica does not work well in cold process soap and is not recommended.

To use this mica in Melt and Pour Soap: Wet the mica with rubbing alcohol until a liquid slurry is made. This usually is about a 1:1 mix of mica and rubbing alcohol. Add the desired amount of the slurry to the melted soap and stir to combine.

Ingredients: Botanical Name: Mica, Iron Oxide (CI 77491) | Common Name: Mica, Iron Oxide