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Satin Drawstring Bag, Champagne

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The champagne color may vary. Some come to us a bit lighter or darker. Let us know which you prefer.

You will receive 5 satin drawstring bags in the size of your choice.

Usable sizes (rough estimate) Sizes approx. Some bags may vary slightly and may looked crooked since they are machine pressed flat. Once used for their purpose they look gorgeous!
3"x4" - 3"x3.5"
4"x6" - 4x5"
5"x7" - 5x6"
6"x9" - 6x7"

If you would like to order more than 50, please convo me so I can check on availability and/or create a listing for you.

Great for packaging yours soaps, candles, party favors, jewelry or make-up!

Perfect for packaging jewelry or candies

Satin style with shiny finish