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Sweet Almond Oil

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A pound of oil is 15 oz in a 16 oz container, 30 oz in a 2lb container, etc...

SWEET ALMOND OIL will come in either a PET bottle or white stand up pouch. (depends on availability)

Known Uses Of Sweet Almond Oil
Potent Moisturizer. If you’re a fan of cosmetics, you might already have a pretty good grasp on what almond oil is most commonly used form. You’ll find sweet almond oil like this in many skin care and beauty products, where it performs an array of different functions.

One benefit of almond oil delivers is a range uses from skin moisturizer to body butter to facial scrub, and for good reason. It has a natural moisturizing factor that helps keep the outer layer of the skin healthy and lubricated.

What it won’t do, contrary to some claims, is magically de-age your skin. Certain overenthusiastic proponents might try to sell you on the idea that sweet almond oil will “increase cell production” and “control time on your skin,” but that’s not supported by any evidence. It works well enough as just a moisturizer.

There are many brands that include sweet almond oil in their formulas, though you can also craft your own from select recipes.

The process is actually much simpler than you might have thought: select a base oil (like sweet almond), mix with additional concentrates for improved potency, then mix in an essential oil for bonus properties and fragrance.

Because of almond oil’s emollient and sclerosant properties, it can help improve complexion and skin tone. Using an application of sweet almond oil may smooth the skin and potentially even out blemishes across the body.

Because of its effects on the skin, some researchers have suggested studying the effects of almond oil post-operatively to reduce the appearance of surgical scars. Nothing has been proven yet, but there is a promising outlook in this regard.

Having eyes with dark circles? Many rave about the use of sweet almond oil to help with dark circles under the eyes and as as a carrier oil to mix with essential oils for creating your own skin care products for use on sensitive, oily, and dry skin.

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